Gregory M. Vecchi, Ph.D., retired from the FBI in February 2014 after 29 years of combined service in the military and as a federal agent. During his career, Dr. Vecchi investigated Russian organized crime, international drug trafficking, international and domestic terrorism, and violent crime. Dr. Vecchi was a career hostage negotiator and Chief of the FBI’s legendary Behavioral Science Unit. Dr. Vecchi is currently a Professor of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at Keiser University.

Dr. Vecchi provides behavior- and research-based threat assessment services in the areas of workplace and school/campus violence with a specialty in active killers.  Dr. Vecchi also provides expert witness services in criminology, criminal justice, police procedures, interviewing and interrogation, confirmation bias, and use-of-force matters. 

Dr. Vecchi is published in many of these areas and he travels extensively to deliver these consultation solutions. Download Dr. Vecchi's CV here.

Dr. Greg Vecchi